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Our services are crafted to bridge the gap between ideas and action, providing a unique blend of expertise and creativity. Our goal is to empower, innovate, and connect, transforming your vision into impactful reality.


At Collective Impact, we're your go-to experts for feminist and social development consulting. Our services include precise gender analysis across sectors like health, agriculture, and garment manufacturing, sharp situational and landscape analysis, and intricate mapping of complex social issues. We excel in multi-country studies and produce influential research papers, journal articles, and reports that bring feminist perspectives to the forefront. 


Our approach to strategy planning and social development is centered on participatory and collaborative practices. We amplify voices to ignite power and drive social change. Our gender action plans are more than documents; they are transformative. We co-create policies through meaningful collaboration. Our consultative development processes engage all stakeholders, harnessing collective wisdom. In portfolio building, we distribute power equitably, engaging marginalized voices. 


We develop specialized tools to enhance your knowledge and skills, ensuring you're well-equipped for your unique journey. Our tailored training packages are like personalized roadmaps to success, catering to your unique needs. We specialize in designing and facilitating participatory workshops that create an inclusive learning space. Our methodology is far from an extractive process. Instead, it's a collaborative and inclusive approach that respects and values the insights and contributions of all stakeholders.


We focus on supporting individuals and groups with the specialized knowledge, skills, and resources to advance social change. Our programs prioritize the strengthening of intergenerational leadership by providing essential tools and guidance. In addition, we offer focused capacity-strengthening initiatives to grassroots and civil society organizations, equipping them with the expertise needed to advocate for their causes and accomplish their goals effectively. 

We specialize in Feminist Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), ensuring that our assessment frameworks are informed by gender-sensitive and intersectional perspectives. Our expertise includes crafting Gender Transformative Indicators that delve beyond numbers, capturing the essence of social change. We're committed to Movement Building, fostering collaborations and networks to advance feminist principles and drive meaningful, sustainable change. 


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